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Empire, Englishness and Elementary School History Education, c. 1880-1914Empire, Englishness and Elementary School History Education, c. 1880-1914
These were more likely to have been deployed in the elementary school classroom than were those expensive subject specific textbooks that have formed the bases of many previous histories of history teaching
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The german unification, 1815-1870The german unification, 1815-1870
Confederation under the presidency of Austria. There was a widespread movement for closer unity in 1848, a movement resisted by Austria
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Nato’s Cold War PoliciesNato’s Cold War Policies
Its creation almost entirely transformed the paradigm of social thought. The frightening reality that mortality could occur at any given time or place resonated deep within the minds of the American public
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Causes of the Revolutionary WarCauses of the Revolutionary War
In 1763, the French and Indian War came to an end. Great Britain (England), with the help of the American colonists and the Iroquois Indians, defeated France and took control of French territory stretching to the Mississippi River
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Gun control ramificationsGun control ramifications
Stricter gun laws will not decrease crime rates so instead of making stricter gun laws and banning guns, smarter gun laws will help not only decrease crime rates but also equip citizens in protecting themselves from criminals
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Within 30 years of his accession to power, Stalin had made a peasant country into a global superpower, but at a cost that was merciless: some have even claimed 50-70 million Soviet lives. How did he do it?
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