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China’s Official English: the curriculum for Junior Secondary Schools since 1949China’s Official English: the curriculum for Junior Secondary Schools since 1949
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Law of ukraineLaw of ukraine
On guaranteeing the rights and freedoms of citizens and on the legal regime on the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine
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Century mykola ShkribliakCentury mykola Shkribliak
Priorities of foreign policy and the ukrainian church in the first half of 17th century
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Turning points in 20th century Hungarian historyTurning points in 20th century Hungarian history
Habsburg Empire. By the end of the 1930s the new order collapsed. The Versailles Settlement was replaced by German hegemony. After World War II the region became part of the Soviet orbit and consequently was sovietized
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Japan\Japan's recent economic decline: an explanation
A long recession through 2006. In July 2001, Japan's trade surplus was down 64 percent from the previous July. What were the causes of this decline? What are the similarities and differences between it and the economic recessions in the
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For Peaceful CaucasusFor Peaceful Caucasus
There are various opinions in Georgia as to the necessity for further legislative expansion in the field of minority rights protection, particularly, in relation to the acceptance of a special law in this sphere
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