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Comparisons to focus onComparisons to focus on
Understanding of how and why the collapse of the empire was more severe in Western Europe than it was in the Asian Empires
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Carla bagnoliCarla bagnoli
Rationality in Belief and Action, ed by E. Baccarini and S. Prijic, Rijeka, 2006, pp. 9-24
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C tark 28. 9 Mnuscript version 2004-08-16 InC tark 28. 9 Mnuscript version 2004-08-16 In
In: Raimo P. Hämäläinen and Esa Saarinen (eds.). 2004. Systems Intelligence – Discovering a Hidden Competence in Human Action and Organizational Life, Helsinki University of Technology: Systems Analysis Laboratory Research Reports, A88
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Beat Mexico: Bohemia, Anthropology, and \"the Other\" Howard CampbellBeat Mexico: Bohemia, Anthropology, and "the Other" Howard Campbell
I will examine these issues through a discussion of the writings and lives of American Beat Generation authors in Mexico in the 1940s and 1950s, focusing especially on Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, and Hal Chas
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The Nature of Finnish Technology EducationThe Nature of Finnish Technology Education
An analysis of Finnish Framework Curriculum shows that both views are present. A successful diffusion of engineering and social way of thinking needs multidisciplinary approach
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First Cause ArgumentFirst Cause Argument
The Cosmological Argument is a posteriori, it draws on evidence and experiences we have all had. It is also inductive, because it has premises which lead to a likely conclusion
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Th grade Social Studies—Eastern Hemisphere needs to be changed from Western Hemisphere which is 7thTh grade Social Studies—Eastern Hemisphere needs to be changed from Western Hemisphere which is 7th
Heading: (Upper School) 6th grade Social Studies—Eastern Hemisphere
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Hzt4ue – Theory of Knowledge unit 5: MathHzt4ue – Theory of Knowledge unit 5: Math
What exactly is chaos? Put simply, it is the idea that it is possible to get completely random results from normal equations. Chaos theory also covers the reverse: finding the order in what appears to be completely random data
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