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Published in Lingua 116 (2006) 1722-1743Published in Lingua 116 (2006) 1722-1743
However, the term irony has been applied to a very wide range of phenomena, not all of which can be explained in the same way, and I will end by briefly mentioning some less central cases where varieties of pretence or simulation do indeed achieve
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Unit Two: Using Language to Develop and Sustain RelationshipsUnit Two: Using Language to Develop and Sustain Relationships
For individuals who show social thinking deficits, a conversation skill is not rapidly acquired. Rather, the person with social thinking deficits must first be taught the conceptual conversational tools that form the underpinning of
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Mind share--an important objective of advertisingMind share--an important objective of advertising
One of the main objectives of advertising and promotion is to establish what is called mind share
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