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World history/ cold war unit ch. 33 Class notesWorld history/ cold war unit ch. 33 Class notes
Following World War II, Japan is governed by an occupation government, the Supreme Command of the Allied Powers (scap) that is dominated by the Americans and headed by General Douglas Macarthur
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Cold War Marshall PlanCold War Marshall Plan
Soviet Union to spread communism there. This plan was a noteworthy extension of the Truman Doctrine, which pledged aid to countries (initially Turkey and Greece) for resisting communism
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Spain spain, officially the Kingdom of SpainSpain spain, officially the Kingdom of Spain
Biscay and on the west by the Atlantic Ocean (containing the Canary Islands off the African coast). Spain shares land borders with Portugal, France, Andorra, Gibraltar, and Morocco
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The InterpreterThe Interpreter
Jls/ols instructors and graduates to the War effort in the Pa­cific and the Cold War, to the creation of East Asian language programs across the country
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