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Later Modern History – usa 1918-68Later Modern History – usa 1918-68
A study of the growing tensions in American society, focusing on racial divisions, economic difficulties, the growth of federal powers and the struggle for civil rights, illustrating the themes of ideology, identity and rights
22 Kb. 1
Extended essay titlesExtended essay titles
Britain was still far from being a democratic country by 1928.” How valid is this view?
8.66 Kb. 1
Later Modern History – Britain 1851-1951Later Modern History – Britain 1851-1951
A study of the development of the United Kingdom into a modern democracy and the development of the role of the state in the welfare of its citizens, illustrating the themes of authority, ideology and rights
157.07 Kb. 1
The main text book for this topic is Britain & Scotland and GermanyThe main text book for this topic is Britain & Scotland and Germany
An excellent revision test book is Higher History Grade Booster Second Edition by j kerr (Leckie)
25.36 Kb. 1


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