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Author’s NoteAuthor’s Note
Some are wealthy and some are drifters, but they all have a special gift with words, a rather negative talent that lets them hide what they really think from friends, enemies, victims, and even detectives—for a while
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“Thinking Torah”“Thinking Torah”
He insists that all the loose ends are tied. Our Haftara, echoes and continues this theme. It too, describes a sick King David on his deathbed settling his accounts as he instructs his son and heir, the young King Solomon
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Chapter 10: Ecological RestorationChapter 10: Ecological Restoration
The principle that early successional species may prevent the entrance of later successional species is called
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Human sacrificeHuman sacrifice
Agamemnon’s sacrifice of his daughter, Iphigenia, to obtain good omens for his voyage to Troy. The trope of a leader giving the life of his own child in order to save those whom he leads is a powerful literary device
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Exxon Valdez oil spillExxon Valdez oil spill
During the first few days of the spill, heavy sheens of oil, as visible in this photograph, covered large areas of the surface of Prince William Sound
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Ebenezer Wa-KyendoEbenezer Wa-Kyendo
Valdez is a frost- free port on the southern side of Alaska where the Alyeska pipeline ends. To reach the vast sea, oil tankers have to take a dangerous path through the Prince William Sound and onward into the Gulf of Alaska
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