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Explanatory Statement Court Procedures Amendment Rules 2014 (No 3)Explanatory Statement Court Procedures Amendment Rules 2014 (No 3)
Act courts and their registries pursuant to section 7 of the Court Procedures Act 2004. The Courts and the Joint Rules Advisory Committee have conducted a consultative review of the rules which has resulted in the amendments contained in the Court Procedures
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Violence in Video GamesViolence in Video Games
Video games allow the player to interact with the objects and characters they see, and in some of today’s video games, the level of realism creates a very immersing environment. The player is no longer the bystander, as in television shows
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All that is Solid Melts into AiriAll that is Solid Melts into Airi
Unlike the postmodern art production, however, Plenge Jakobsen is interested more in the individual meanings of the referents and their interrelationships than in their collective and mutually leveling form of appearance
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V. States of Consciousness (2–4%)V. States of Consciousness (2–4%)
Understanding consciousness and what it encompasses is critical to an appreciation of what is meant by a given state of consciousness
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Beyond the Information Revolution ByBeyond the Information Revolution By
This is profoundly changing economies, markets, and industry structures; products and services and their flow; consumer values, and consumer behavior; jobs and labor markets
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Biography and the Sociological Imagination: Contexts and ContingenciesBiography and the Sociological Imagination: Contexts and Contingencies
Let’s start with the sociological imagination – what does C. Wright Mills mean by the sociological imagination? What is its significance for studying the life course?
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