sahel region

Participants in 2013 Consolidated AppealParticipants in 2013 Consolidated Appeal
Beneficiaries working on the compacting of an earth dike, a cash and food-for-work activity in the North region. Wfp/Celestine Ouedrogo, Burkina Faso, 2010
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African cinema 47 independent countriesAfrican cinema 47 independent countries
Using a popular cinema to restore a sense of cultural identity in countries where education and illiteracy remain crippling problems
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Climate change, a multi-faceted monsterClimate change, a multi-faceted monster
Southeast Asia, according to the Social Watch Report 2012, that will be launched in New York on Friday 9
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1. Study Sources a and B. Source a1. Study Sources a and B. Source a
Governments and scientific institutions of developing countries in order to enable them to promote a sustained agricultural development
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3. 3 Why Do People Migrate? Push factors3. 3 Why Do People Migrate? Push factors
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Guiding QuestionGuiding Question
Which is one of many European countries. Do these countries cause more harm or benefit to Africa?
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