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Literature Resource CenterLiterature Resource Center
E following essay, Henningfeld, an assistant professor of English at Adrian College, points out that Remarque's book, based on the novelist's own war experiences, was the first of its kind
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All it Takes is One Man, and a Little FaithAll it Takes is One Man, and a Little Faith
American dream must be substantially different for them as it is now for those living in modern day America. Maybe the concept of the American dream is not changed so dramatically by time, as it is for how time has affected views on race
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Cassius: a tragic VillainCassius: a tragic Villain
Iago, who succeeds in his plots until he is caught, Cassius fails in the execution his treachery. The fatal flaw that leads to this failure is his continuous submission to Brutus
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Jessica Soucy English 271: Literary Analysis PaperJessica Soucy English 271: Literary Analysis Paper
By capturing this pivotal moment in his work, Chinua Achebe reconstructs the mixed feelings of modern Africans about trying to define their continental and national identity for the rest of the world
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Writing Reader-Friendly DocumentsWriting Reader-Friendly Documents
Too often, complicated and jargon filled documents have resulted in frustration, lawsuits, and a lack of trust between citizens and their government. To overcome this legacy, we have a great responsibility to communicate clearly
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Sure Bet Narrative Nonfiction SuggestionsSure Bet Narrative Nonfiction Suggestions
Capote tells of the murder of a Western Kansas farm family, following the crime from its conception to its aftermath. Capote called this work a nonfiction novel
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