rational will

A direct Kantian duty to animalsA direct Kantian duty to animals
However, this duty to promote animal welfare operates according to a broadly consequentialist logic that both accords well with our considered judgments about our duties to animals and explains differences between these duties and duties to
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Kant’s History of EthicsKant’s History of Ethics
French philosophy, and of as much of Anglophone philosophy as had been translated into either French or German. But like many modern philosophers, he had an inadequate appreciation of the scholastic tradition
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Ideologist for totalitarianism georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel\Ideologist for totalitarianism georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel's Der Philosophie des Rechts (The Philosophy of Right), 1821
Ies of history was missed in Germany following the French Revolution. The Revolution had begun as a bold declaration of the rights of man: of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity
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Writing sample carol skrenesWriting sample carol skrenes
Kant recognize that his critique of pure practical reason is simultaneously a theory of right and a theory of value. The two fundamental notions condition each other in his conception of the object of the moral law. (See below.)
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