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Andrew Carnegie: “Patron Saint of U. S. Libraries”Andrew Carnegie: “Patron Saint of U. S. Libraries”
To these few, he is known as the “Patron Saint of U. S. Libraries,” a philanthropist who provided vast sums of his accumulated wealth to the development of public libraries throughout America
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Topic: The Civil Rights Movement IntroductionTopic: The Civil Rights Movement Introduction
It will give students a variety of information on the background of the civil rights movement, as well as influential people and major events that took place during the Civil Rights Movement
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I. presenters\I. presenters' introductions
The following brief summary of each of our backgrounds will give you an idea of some of what we are drawing on
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B. F. Jones Memorial Library: Forged in Steel Terri Bogolea GallagherB. F. Jones Memorial Library: Forged in Steel Terri Bogolea Gallagher
The author hopes this Ohio River steel-town’s library story will stoke the furnace of further historical analysis of other village library stories and, especially, of the treasures within their walls
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