privacy interests

LD: right to be forgottenLD: right to be forgotten
Resolved: The “right to be forgotten” from internet searches ought to be a civil right
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Terror da set UpTerror da set Up
Ac frontline to the terror da. You will have 5 minutes to extend the terrorism da, making sure you answer every 2ac argument. Assume the 1ac was the Freedom Act packet aff. Advantage one is internet freedom with an economy impact
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Thursday Mini-debate – Terror Disad ExplanationsThursday Mini-debate – Terror Disad Explanations
We will select one person to be neg… and one person to Aff. Most of you will wind up judging the debate – but it will help the discussion if everyone prepares for the debate
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National security divisionNational security division
Status of Congressionally Requested Studies, Reports, and Evaluations
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Submission to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet 2 November 2011Submission to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet 2 November 2011
The time is ripe for a statutory cause of action for invasions of privacy in Australia
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