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National qualifications curriculum supportNational qualifications curriculum support
National Qualifications. Users of all nq support materials, whether published by Learning and Teaching Scotland or others, are reminded that it is their responsibility to check that the support materials correspond to the requirements of the
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Westward Movement CausesWestward Movement Causes
Political discourse then focuses on the choice of the various policy options that are dictated by the unquestioned premises
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Five on Revolutionary ArtFive on Revolutionary Art
Siinne allikas: Modernart and Modernism: a critical Anthology. Ed by. F. Franciscana and Ch. Harrison. Harper and Row, London, The Open University, 1986, pp. 123-127
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The Arab Spring: a reason to Reject Samuel Huntington\The Arab Spring: a reason to Reject Samuel Huntington's Clash of Civilizations
Cold War-era leftist terrorism. Spurred by the Iranian revolution and post-Cold War international system in which the superpower rivalry was replaced by a new set of civilizational rivalries
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Hist4115 Crime and Punishment in 18th and Early 19th Century EnglandHist4115 Crime and Punishment in 18th and Early 19th Century England
The ideological significance of the administration of justice and the symbolic importance of punishment to the maintenance of ruling class power will be considered as will the role of "middling" people in the workings of the law at a local
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Title: \Title: 'Writing in the Spaces Left': Literacy as a Process of Becoming in the Narratives of Frederick Douglass
Publication Details: American Transcendental Quarterly 3 (Sept. 1995): p195-227
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Critical Science Approach- a primer Sue McGregorCritical Science Approach- a primer Sue McGregor
I know how to do. This is what the textbook says. I will get fired if I do not do it this way. This is what the curriculum says I have to teach.” A critical science approach simply does not leave any room for taking things for granted
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Contention 1: IslamophobiaContention 1: Islamophobia
Surveillance programs disproportionately target Muslim-American communities; places of worship, business, community centers, and even student organization are subject to forms of mass surveillance
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