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C6-1 Living with Good and Evil classroom outcomesC6-1 Living with Good and Evil classroom outcomes
Scriptural teachings on human choice can inform individuals, groups, communities and nations
112.76 Kb. 1
The Protestant Revolution Produces PuritismThe Protestant Revolution Produces Puritism
God's word. He ignited a fire of religious reform (the “Protestant Reformation”) that licked its way across Europe for more than a century, dividing peoples, toppling sovereigns
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Program: Winners Year LevelProgram: Winners Year Level
Students discuss issues raised in the film then undertake research about the power of government to enforce military service and the role of citizens in a democracy to influence government
13.25 Kb. 1
Beverly LemireBeverly Lemire
The two inseparable incentives animated the process of transformation and encouraged material improvements over the nineteenth century among the largest sector of society
85.47 Kb. 1
John quincy adamsJohn quincy adams
A recluse by nature, always more respected than loved, he described himself as a “cold” and “silent animal.” “I well know that I never shall be a popular man,” he wrote. “I have none of the honey which is the true flycatcher.”
12.02 Kb. 1
Introduction: Indiana and the Radical Interpretation of the Ku Klux KlanIntroduction: Indiana and the Radical Interpretation of the Ku Klux Klan
Americans, and when Ku Klux Klansmen acted as the self-appointed shock troops of white supremacy, the most radical and dangerous bigots in American societ
32.63 Kb. 1


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