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Theodore Parker (Alex Eiffert)Theodore Parker (Alex Eiffert)
Congregational Society of Boston, and became a Unitarian preacher. Parker continued life combating what he viewed as unjust organizations, specifically slavery. In 1857, he became ill with tuberculosis
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Sunday, May 24 – The Day of PentecostSunday, May 24 – The Day of Pentecost
Let’s suppose I was going on a very long trip and my parting words to you were, “There’s something I have to tell you before I go on my trip, but I don’t think you’re ready to hear it yet. After I leave
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Combe, George, Science and religion. 1893Combe, George, Science and religion. 1893
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Ben Franklin: The FreemasonBen Franklin: The Freemason
For this reason, there are endless records, biographies, and autobiographies discussing his great achievements. Even so, there is much about this man that is not well known
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And \"birthpangs\" of messianic judaism by david sedacaAnd "birthpangs" of messianic judaism by david sedaca
Africa. Because of its history and the impact of such a movement in the light of biblical interpretation, it cannot be dismissed as an experiment to be tested or a fad to be tried out
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A monographA monograph
Historians have completely ignored the Scot immigration of 17th century into Virginia and Barbados. According to Hillson in his “Discovering the Historic Lowlands”, lively trade existed between the “Port of Glasgow”, near the town of
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Mayflower separatist pilgrimsMayflower separatist pilgrims
Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage
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Library of Books on Revivals and Allied Subjects. Generally Alphabetical by Author\Library of Books on Revivals and Allied Subjects. Generally Alphabetical by Author's Name. Complete to 21st November, 2006
Minneapolis. Augsberg Press. 1979. (Photocopy of the copy in the Billy Graham Center Library.)
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Register ReportRegister Report
Abijah brooks. Born on August 12, 1759 in Massachusetts. Abijah died in Clark County, Kentucky on November 5, 1812; he was 53. Revolutionary War
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A yankee in Savannah by Shelley Carroll submitted to Dr. Roger Warlick Department of History Armstrong State College 27 May 1994
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An historical sketchAn historical sketch
John Arter in 1805. His name was well known in county affairs in the early part of the nineteenth century, for he was Major of the First Battalion of Columbiana County Militia, which was first mustered in 1806
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Case Study 7: Church of Lukumi Babalu Aye, Inc v. City of Hialeah IntroductionCase Study 7: Church of Lukumi Babalu Aye, Inc v. City of Hialeah Introduction
Hialeah, Florida, the community swelled up into an uproar over the possibility of public and mainstream animal sacrifices. The stage was set for the battle between the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment and the government’s interests in prohibiting
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Lossing’s life of general daniel morganLossing’s life of general daniel morgan
For your interest, we include here a brief biography of General Morgan, which was printed on pages 431-432 of The Pictorial Field-Book of the
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Rightly Dividing the Sexes Men, Women, Authority and the BibleRightly Dividing the Sexes Men, Women, Authority and the Bible
In truth, for many of us, the unease with the traditional position has nothing to do with being swayed by modern liberation movements, but is a response to the weaknesses within the traditional position itself
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Was There a Great Awakening in Mid-Eighteenth-Century America?Was There a Great Awakening in Mid-Eighteenth-Century America?
Professor of history Patricia U. Bonomi defines the Great Awakening as a period of intense revivalistic fervor that laid the foundation for socio-religious and political reform by spawning an age of contentiousness in the British mainland
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