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Harvard Law School Jean Monnet ChairHarvard Law School Jean Monnet Chair
But it is certainly projects and strategic visions that are needed, especially today when Europe seems to be floundering in the midst of uncertainties about the Euro exchange rate
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Is chile a model for development? Ricardo Ffrench-DavisIs chile a model for development? Ricardo Ffrench-Davis
Sometimes,Chile has performed closer to becoming a “model” for development, and at other times the opposite or something in between
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In the labour appeal court of south africa held at johannesburgIn the labour appeal court of south africa held at johannesburg
This appeal concerns the correct interpretation of the Public Holidays Act 36 of 1994 ("the Act") which provides that some twelve specified days in Schedule 1 to the Act shall be public holidays but that whenever a public holiday falls on
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Allen Wood \" What is the human being?\"Allen Wood " What is the human being?"
What is the human being?” Kant sometimes treated this question as the most fundamental question of all philosophy
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Teaching notes prepared for vate membersTeaching notes prepared for vate members
David proudly belongs to the Hayden family, one of the most powerful and respected families in the county. When exposed to the inherent corruption at the heart of the Hayden dynasty
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