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Alexander the GreatAlexander the Great
Emperor of the Mughal Empire in India. He is considered to be their greatest ruler. He is responsible for the expansion of his empire, the stability his administration gave to it, and the increasing of trade and cultural diffusion
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Unit 1 True/FalseUnit 1 True/False
A mission statement is a written declaration by a fire agency describing the things that it intends to do to protect its citizenry or customers
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Chapter 22 Notes Industrial Revolution – What was it?Chapter 22 Notes Industrial Revolution – What was it?
After approximately 1800, machines powered by energy forces such as steam, electricity, gases and the atom, and manipulated and directed by humans complete the work. This shift from hand tools to power machinery defines the Industrial
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32. Electromagnetic Induction32. Electromagnetic Induction
Figure 32. 1 shows a rod, made of conducting material, being moved with a velocity v in a uniform magnetic field B. The magnetic force acting on a free electron in the rod will be directed upwards and has a magnitude equal to
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