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Administrative Technology and the Growth of Ancient Near Eastern CoresAdministrative Technology and the Growth of Ancient Near Eastern Cores
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Nuffield Council Consultation PaperNuffield Council Consultation Paper
There is a striking mismatch between the traditional concern of regulators with issues of risk and safety, and that of the public, which centres on questions of moral acceptability.”
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The strategiesThe strategies
The purpose of representing these strategies is to demonstrate how they may be seen as thinking strategies, or ways of organizing and manipulating information on a particular subject
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Economic StructuresEconomic Structures
Social Structures The pool of low-paid industrial laborers formed the core of a new social group, the working class
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Robber Barons or Industrial Statesmen?Robber Barons or Industrial Statesmen?
Entrepreneurs quickly developed systems of mass production and distribution to meet growing national needs. The resulting expansion in industry went hand-in-hand with industrial combination and concentration
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