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Political Transition in Post-Colonial Societies Goa in PerspectivePolitical Transition in Post-Colonial Societies Goa in Perspective
These articulations, discursive and at times engagingly political, contextualize the multidimensional and ever growing complexities within colonial societies in their engagement with the construc­tion of a cohesive political community
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Alex Conte I. IntroductionAlex Conte I. Introduction
Iraq: that there existed an implied authority from United Nations Security Council resolutions to use force against Iraq. This will form the basis of analysis within this article
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Lecture Notes From Summer InstitutesLecture Notes From Summer Institutes
None of the activities of the period we are calling the Renaissance has had a more profound effect on the world during the last 500 years than the global expansion of European ideas, institutions, religions, languages
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Ferdinand Magellan 1480 – 1521 Aim of VoyageFerdinand Magellan 1480 – 1521 Aim of Voyage
To prove that the Spice Islands were in the Spanish half of the world. 1494 the Pope had divided the world between Spain and Portugal
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Archived Online ExhibitArchived Online Exhibit
Originally displayed April-May 2000 at the Thomas Cooper Library, University of South Carolina
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Macauhub news summarised for mozambique 13th 19thMacauhub news summarised for mozambique 13th 19th
Mozambique needs us$4 billion to maintain roads and bridges over four years, Mozambique’s Minister of Public Works, Carlos Bonete Martinho, said Tuesday in Lisbon
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The “Bate-Ficha” Business And Triads In Macau CasinosThe “Bate-Ficha” Business And Triads In Macau Casinos
Macau’s workforce. With the huge revenue from gambling, Macau is able to maintain a free port status, invest in infrastructure and adopt a low taxation policy
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