philosophical tradition

Course outlineCourse outline
E. Pre-requisite : This course is available to all students seeking knowledge in philosophy however students wishing to pursue a degree programme in Philosophy/Humanities and should have 5 O/cxc passes at General Level I-III with a pass in
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General introductionGeneral introduction
They set the Bible against Christian tradition and sought to recover the purity and simplicity of primitive (or “Patristic”) Christianity behind all the supposed accretions of a thousand years of ecclesiastical mediation
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Hume and Aristotle on GenerosityHume and Aristotle on Generosity
Aristotle’s analysis focuses attention away from human neediness toward the divine; in doing so, he loses the distinctly human. Hume’s sympathy-based analysis shows the richness of distinctly human goods without moving beyond the human
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Animal experimentationAnimal experimentation
I animals are non-moral creatures and, as such, humans have no moral obligation towards them
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0Instructional Objectives0Instructional Objectives
Greek concept of a heroic past. They should also be able to trace the development of Greek political forms. They should be able to assess Greek intellectual achievements. Finally
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Daniel Dennett on the Nature of ConsciousnessDaniel Dennett on the Nature of Consciousness
I also discuss Dennett’s views on the hard problem of consciousness (*Chalmers ch. X). As those familiar with Dennett’s views know
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