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Ap wrap-Up Test Multiple ChoiceAp wrap-Up Test Multiple Choice
Constitution would set a dangerous precedent by implying that the national government could violate rights not enumerated
202.27 Kb. 1
The Hero’s Journey in Oedipus Rex The Departure Home / BeginningsThe Hero’s Journey in Oedipus Rex The Departure Home / Beginnings
Examples: Images of spring represent the theme of rebirth; the color red represents passion-or sometimes death, Harper Lee’s mockingbird represents innocence
29.27 Kb. 1
The Epic of GilgameshThe Epic of Gilgamesh
Asia and very possibly to the Greek world (suggested by some similarities to Achilles in the Iliad and to Greek flood stories). The epic in the form you are reading it is actually a composite of a number of Gilgamesh stories from clay tablets found at a variety of
82.19 Kb. 1


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