past seventy years

The evolution of the presidencyThe evolution of the presidency
In the past seventy years or so, the balance of power has shifted dramatically, so that the executive branch currently has at least equal power to the legislative branch
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The presidency and the executive branchThe presidency and the executive branch
American political system. Although the checks and balances set in motion in 1787 still operate, the presidency described in the Constitution is much different from the one that we have today
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International Perspectives on Anne FrankInternational Perspectives on Anne Frank
Skype-equipped classroom. The international perspectives offered in the course are thus represented in its content and its form. In the final weeks of the term
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Semiotics of Popular CultureSemiotics of Popular Culture
Once the American Press of 1945 obtained the photograph, the image's popularity grew and took on a life of its own. The composition of the photo was understood as “Victorious” to a nation desperate for victory
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