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The bolsheviks in power: economy and societyThe bolsheviks in power: economy and society
The Bolsheviks were fighting for their survival and Lenin adopted a policy called ‘War Communism’. It was geared towards the needs of the army. The main features were as follows
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Jerome Alan Cohen, an expert in ChinaJerome Alan Cohen, an expert in China
Party is above the law, along with extrajudicial tools like “reeducation through labor” that are used to repress critical voices
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Stefan SjöbergStefan Sjöberg
Collective Capital Formation for Economic Democracy; the Fordist History in Germany and Sweden and the Post-fordist future
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Dictatorships and the Second World WarDictatorships and the Second World War
The traditional form of antidemocratic government in European history was conservative authoritarianism
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Soviet union under stalinSoviet union under stalin
Soviet Union between Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky. Both had played roles in the revolution of 1917 and the result of this competition will determine the path that the Soviet Union will take in trying to establish a communist state
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The ballad of mrs. KÁDÁR with footnotesThe ballad of mrs. KÁDÁR with footnotes
Geréb (mtv, 1994-1996). It is the companion piece to the Kádár speech given before the Central Committee of the Hungarian Socialist and Workers Party on April 12, 1989
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