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The Great Depression and the New Deal (1933-1939) Chapter 33The Great Depression and the New Deal (1933-1939) Chapter 33
For every program mentioned below – define what it did and give a benefit and/or criticism of it
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The Totalitarian ThreatThe Totalitarian Threat
For discussion and useful suggestions I would like to thank Tyler Cowen, Robin Hanson, Alex Tabarrok, Dan Houser, Don Boudreaux, Ilia Rainer, Milan Ćirković, and Nick Bostrom. Geoffrey Lea provided excellent research assistance
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Viktor Suvorov (V. B. Rezun)Viktor Suvorov (V. B. Rezun)
In 1978 escaped to the United Kingdom. According to his words he was smuggled into England because gru (military intelligence) wanted to make him responsible for one of the failed operations in Europe
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From versailles to pearl harbor fascism in ItalyFrom versailles to pearl harbor fascism in Italy
This led to the formation of a national   Party…But   was on the rise
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The Great Gatsby Chapter 6 Review QuestionsThe Great Gatsby Chapter 6 Review Questions
Gatsby’s parents were unsuccessful farm people. When he left home he left behind his parents. He never accepted them because they were unambitious
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Sectional Conflict and Shattered Union, 1848–1860Sectional Conflict and Shattered Union, 1848–1860
Identify the issues that shaped public opinion during the early 1850s and analyze their impact on the nation’s political party system
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