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Curriculum VitaeCurriculum Vitae
Part-time Instructor at Mundelein College, University of Chicago, Chicago State University, and Loyola University of Chicago, 1977-1982
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God\God's Milk: An Orthodox Confession of the Eucharist
The feminine characteristics of the milk analogy had no significant effect on orthodox beliefs about the Godhead nor did they cause the analogy to fall out of favor at a later date
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Gesc2190 Great People and Great SpeechGesc2190 Great People and Great Speech
People (and their speeches) in modern history have been chosen, for their contributions to human right, to peace and love, and to wellness of mankind
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Richard cross curriculum vitaeRichard cross curriculum vitae
John A. O’Brien Professor of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, University of Notre Dame, 2007–present and Professor of Theology
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English Legal History: Internet ResourcesEnglish Legal History: Internet Resources
Some of this is available free of charge, or as part of services to which Bristol University subscribes. This is a brief guide to those resources which I have found useful, and which may be of interest to others working in law
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The Golding Society for Women’s History Theology and Spirituality Volume 14 No 1 April 2014The Golding Society for Women’s History Theology and Spirituality Volume 14 No 1 April 2014
Kate Dwyer, women of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, whose activism was underpinned by wide reading and in-depth research. Writing and public speaking were integral to their efforts to promote political and social reform
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Jeffrey S. GurockJeffrey S. Gurock
Fall, 2007 Harvard University, Joseph Engel Visiting Professor of American Jewish
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Homosexuality in Ancient GreeceHomosexuality in Ancient Greece
By contrast, ancient Greek homosexuality is now a popular topic, and those who argue for full acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle regularly appeal to these practices and attitudes of the widely-respected ancient Greeks
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Horace and the Construction of the English Victorian Gentleman 1Horace and the Construction of the English Victorian Gentleman 1
Fundamental here was the reception and construction of Horace as an honorary English gentleman who represented the values of the male and homosocial Victorian English elite : moderation, clubbability, leisured gentility, patriotism
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Course Title: British Literature Course DescriptionCourse Title: British Literature Course Description
British literature. The student develops an understanding or the ways the period of a work of literature affects its structure and how the chronology of a work of literature affects its meaning Required course
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