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Christianity and the transatlantic slave tradeChristianity and the transatlantic slave trade
Christians today can be heard disagreeing over a variety of topics such as whether women or gay people should be allowed to serve as church leaders. Today Christians are also at the forefront of the debate on matters affecting poverty and
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Central Texas hiv/aids planning AreaCentral Texas hiv/aids planning Area
Cog hiv administrative Services expresses gratitude to the consumers and community members who voluntarily contributed their experiences and time in the community input process to ensure this plan reflects the needs and voices of people living with hiv/aids in
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The Federal Financial Monitoring Service 2012 annual reportThe Federal Financial Monitoring Service 2012 annual report
The report is outlining the results of the activities carried out by the Federal Financial Monitoring Service in 2012
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Oleg Kodolov Department of Political ScienceOleg Kodolov Department of Political Science
Deriving a Theoretical Approach to Territorial Politics: 1979-1999 Fiscal Policies in Scotland and Wales in a Broader Context
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Lincoln Douglas DebateLincoln Douglas Debate
Lincoln Douglas places emphasis upon public speaking skills, research, and the explanation of key philosophical principles
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