overall efficiency

Self-regulation in advertisingSelf-regulation in advertising
Advertising’ involves the dissemination of information about an organisation, product, service, or idea through the mass media (eg television, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards etc) by a particular sponsor
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Camp Michaux Web SiteCamp Michaux Web Site
Michaux forest that has grown very dear to many of us. Here we have played and studied and experienced deep convictions concerning our faith. It is only a small tract of land that looms large in the life of the camper
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Jungsoo Park AbstractJungsoo Park Abstract
The primary objective of our paper is to empirically examine the relative contribution of investment to economic growth in developing Asia during 1992-2007
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June 11, September 22, 2003 for immediate releaseJune 11, September 22, 2003 for immediate release
Public and private sector organizations honored for innovation and service delivery at technology symposium—
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Chapter One The IntroductionChapter One The Introduction
Islamic banks have introduced more than forty Islamic financial products to their customers, such as accepting demand and time deposits, cash transfers, cashing cheques, foreign currency exchange services
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Donetsk national technical universityDonetsk national technical university
This paper deals with the banking system of Ukraine. Also described a brief history of its establishment, structure, types of banks, their functions
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