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Department of historyDepartment of history
History 397am fall of Rome: The Roman Empire from Late Antiquity to the Early Middle Ages
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Saturn conjunct PlutoSaturn conjunct Pluto
During and around 1648, Saturn joined Pluto in Gemini, with both opposing Uranus joining Neptune in Sagittarius. This leads to the following
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0Instructional Objectives0Instructional Objectives
European voyages of expansion. They should also be able to assess the impact of overseas expansion on the conquered societies, on enslaved Africans, and on world trade. Finally
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Chapter 12 – 13 reviewChapter 12 – 13 review
In the fifteenth century, what did the Igbo people in West Africa have in common with the Iroquois League in North America? Institutions for resolving conflict in the absence of a state
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The Geopolitics of Greece: a sea at Heart Editor’s NoteThe Geopolitics of Greece: a sea at Heart Editor’s Note
Editor’s Note: This is the 12th in a series of stratfor monographs on the geopolitics of countries influential in world affairs. Click here for a printable pdf of the monograph in its entirety
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Problems in world historyProblems in world history
Joseph Fletcher’s concept of “integrative history” provides the theoretical foundation for the seminar. The early-modern period serves as the lynchpin in world history
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A history of israelA history of israel
Century bce the Patriarchs of the Israelites, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bring the belief in One God to the Promised Land where they settle. Famine eventually forces the Israelites to migrate to Egypt
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