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Mdta lincoln-Douglas Novice PacketMdta lincoln-Douglas Novice Packet
This packet is intended to provide a starting-off point for novice Lincoln-Douglas debaters on the Minnesota September-October resolution
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Intro sentence – introduce the American RevolutionIntro sentence – introduce the American Revolution
However, if you are not writing about the American Revolution, you must think up an encompassing statement: ex., β€œThe Battle of Gettysburg was the turning point of the Civil War.” Then you must have Three reasons to support the thesis
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An interview on minimalismAn interview on minimalism
Ab & lr: To start from a personal note, let us take the Pisa Lectures as a point of departure [1]
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Simple approaches to checking on validity IntroductionSimple approaches to checking on validity Introduction
Checking on reliability is basically detecting the amount of random error in one's measurement of variables, checking on validity is trying to detect constant error
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