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The AssyriansThe Assyrians
Levant, and Egypt. They fielded the most effective fighting force in the world at that time, the first to be armed with iron weapons, whose tactics in battle made them invincible
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Conflict Reporting case study: NigeriaConflict Reporting case study: Nigeria
Long-running tensions between two communities in Nigeria were apparently aggravated by an international event, the Miss World contest that some Nigerians found distasteful, and then inflamed by an article in the local press
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Ancient Hellas 403 bcAncient Hellas 403 bc
Greek tribes, the Aeolians, Ionians and Dorians.­ The Aeolians settled the southeastern end of the Balkan Peninsula; the Ionians the southeastern tip of the peninsula
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Essay: what is heritage? Peter SpearrittEssay: what is heritage? Peter Spearritt
Chair of the University of Queensland Press Board. Prof Spearritt is a devotee of places. With colleagues at the University of Queensland, he has recently completed the website queenslandplaces com au a guide to the 1100 cities, towns
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The Indus River Valley CivilizationThe Indus River Valley Civilization
Indus people except for the way they built their towns with more organization than any other civilization at the time. Other then that, no written records of this civilization exists
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Phoenix. Az saturday 63-1214Phoenix. Az saturday 63-1214
So while we do have it, and in our right mind, I think one of the most sensible things that anyone can do while God has given us the opportunity to do so, is to do it, get our cups filled now with His love and mercy
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