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Length of lessonLength of lesson
As preparation for this project, students should have a basic understanding of the facts and the meaning of the historical incident we refer to as the Boston Tea Party—especially
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Ancient Art Lesson PlanAncient Art Lesson Plan
Greece and analyze a poem by the ancient Greek poet Pindar dedicated to an athlete. Students will then interview a classmate or an accomplished person they know and create their own “poem on demand” to commemorate that person’s achievement
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Article 23 Disciplinary and Adverse Actions Section Statement of Purpose and PolicyArticle 23 Disciplinary and Adverse Actions Section Statement of Purpose and Policy
A common pattern of progressive discipline is reprimand, short term suspension, long term suspension and removal. Any of these steps may be bypassed where management determines by the severe nature of the behavior that a lesser form of discipline would not
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Local history lesson planLocal history lesson plan
This lesson is entitled Voices of the Past: Child Labor in the Textile Mills of South Carolina and it is designed for the fifth grade and specifically related to South Carolina curriculum and standards
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Genomics, Proteomics and BioinformaticsGenomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics
David W. Mount; 2005 Phylogenetics Made Easy. A how to Manual for Molecular Biologists
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Comparative Politics (Core) Seminar Tony SpanakosComparative Politics (Core) Seminar Tony Spanakos
Having taught the subject for roughly 15 years and as a co-editor of a book series on comparative politics, I have given tremendous thought to different ways of working within and teaching comparative politics
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Constitutional court of south africaConstitutional court of south africa
Froneman j (Mogoeng cj, Moseneke dcj, Cameron J, Jafta J, Madlanga J, Mhlantla aj, Nkabinde J, Skweyiya J, Van der Westhuizen j and Zondo j concurring)
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Biography Book Report Presentations beginBiography Book Report Presentations begin
Please note that the requirements for this book report are very specific; please read carefully and pose all clarification questions to the teacher
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Choose your own adventure: Cry, the Beloved CountryChoose your own adventure: Cry, the Beloved Country
Choose your own adventure and work for the grade you want. This project will be out of 100 points. You choose which options you would like to complete in order to earn the points for the assignment. Notice that there are 4 tiers with varying
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Media and information knowledge – programme subject in programmes for specialization in general studiesMedia and information knowledge – programme subject in programmes for specialization in general studies
Ulation by the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training on 5 April 2006 as delegated in a letter of 26 September 2005 from the Ministry of Education and Research pursuant to the Act of 17 July 1998 no
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Grade level: 6-8 subject area: Literature creditGrade level: 6-8 subject area: Literature credit
Sandy and Jay Lamb, teachers, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Alexandria, Virginia
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