ninetieth general assembly

House resolutionHouse resolution
To honor veteran william j. Strauss for his military service during world war II
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House concurrent resolutionHouse concurrent resolution
To encourage the president, congress, and arkansas congressional delegation to work to restore trade relations between the united states and cuba
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House resolutionHouse resolution
To recognize colleen nick and the morgan nick foundation for their efforts in the prevention of missing and exploited children and in appreciation of their assistance to families of missing children
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Senate resolutionSenate resolution
To commemorate president george washington's birthday and to honor his contributions to our country
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House memorial resolutionHouse memorial resolution
In respectful memory of former navy seal jeremy jason wise and sergeant first class benjamin brian wise, and in appreciation of their service
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Stricken language will be deleted and underlined language will be addedStricken language will be deleted and underlined language will be added
An act to make an appropriation for necessary expenses, pay expenses of members, pay salaries of employees, pay for supplies and equipment for the arkansas house of representatives of the ninetieth general assembly for the fiscal year ending
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