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It carefully. The principal and staff may make recommendations regarding course selections, but students, together with their parents
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Red Bank Catholic High SchoolRed Bank Catholic High School
Red Bank Catholic fosters an environment of Catholic values based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, respecting all human life and the dignity of every individual, and pursuing the leadership that is at the core of our tradition
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International Education Journal, 2006, 7(3), -283International Education Journal, 2006, 7(3), -283
Cultural barriers in educational evaluation: a comparative study on school report cards in Japan and Germany1
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Honours: criteria for levels of honoursHonours: criteria for levels of honours
The paper concludes by considering the possible names for such a unified order (subsuming the Orders of the Bath, St Michael and St George and the British Empire) and comes down in favour of a new ‘Order of Britain’
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