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Emerging TechnologiesEmerging Technologies
Journal of Evolution and Technology Vol. 21 Issue 1 – June 2010 pgs 37 54
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Available means of persuasionAvailable means of persuasion
Rhetoric is situational. It must be in context (occasion, time, and/or place it was written or spoken) and have purpose (goal of the speaker/writer) in order for the audience to care about what is being said
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Argument against the man [or person]Argument against the man [or person]
Ad-hominid- “argument against the man [or person]”; a fallacy that involves replying to an argument or assertion by attempting to discredit the person offering the argument or assertion
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Marx’s Theory of Democracy in his Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of the StateMarx’s Theory of Democracy in his Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of the State
Presented to the Marx and Philosophy Society, 28 May 2005; not for citation without the author’s permission
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Cretan Knights and \"Renowned Ones\"Cretan Knights and "Renowned Ones"
The Cretan lawgiver regarded abstemiousness as beneficial and devoted much ingenuity to securing it, as also to keeping down the birth-rate by keeping men and women apart and by instituting sexual relations between males
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