Unit 2: how did thomas clarkson protest?Unit 2: how did thomas clarkson protest?
Thomas Clarkson spent his whole life trying to end slavery. Join him on a tour round the country and investigate the slave trade in greater detail
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Essay: the new terrorism and international lawEssay: the new terrorism and international law
Professor, Department of Criminal Justice, University of Illinois at Chicago; J. D., American; Ph. D., Northwestern; LL. M., Harvard
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Ap u. S. History Mr. Hafter Origins of the American RevolutionAp u. S. History Mr. Hafter Origins of the American Revolution
In 1750, the British Empire in the Western Hemisphere comprised 8 island colonies in the Caribbean and Atlantic, and fifteen Atlantic provinces from Nova Scotia in the north to Georgia in the south
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Constitutional rights foundationConstitutional rights foundation
Millions of people in Europe perished in the plague that struck in the mid-1300s. Later called the “Black Death,” this plague upended feudal society and hastened major changes in Western Civilization
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Are we like rome? ByAre we like rome? By
America. But what about that? Did the United States, as has been said of Rome, in a fit of absentmindedness acquire an empire? And did it then begin almost instantly to decay morally and constitutionally so that only a collapse and breakup of the American “Empire”
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Contemporary BritainContemporary Britain
In this ‘history as tragedy’, fin de siècle concerns and post-modern angst are clearly detectable, but above all this pessimistic version of contemporary British history is dominated by the notion of long-term decline deriving from endemic and manifold
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Staging Violence in Katie Mitchell’s Trojan WomenStaging Violence in Katie Mitchell’s Trojan Women
Chorus and Cassandra provides the audience with a chance of following the staging of a complicated string of interrelationships between opposing character clusters
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