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Essay: whose heritage? Damein BellEssay: whose heritage? Damein Bell
Damein Bell is a Gunditjmara man from Heywood in Victoria. He is the Executive Officer of Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation
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Presentation by Dr Charles e nathansonPresentation by Dr Charles e nathanson
I am an academic observer as well as a promoter of cross-border regional development I am a sociologist by training and I am going to try to wear my sociology hat in describing the San Diego–Baja California region
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France vs. BritainFrance vs. Britain
Franklin, and William Penn, and have studied very few Frenchmen during this dramatic time period of change for the North American continent
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The Changing Face of Eastern Religions in the United StatesThe Changing Face of Eastern Religions in the United States
A paper presented at the cesnur 2012 International Conference in El Jadida, Morocco. Please do not quote or reproduce without the consent of the author
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