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Chapter 10 Southeast Asia Multiple Choice Introduction The most populated Southeast Asian nation isChapter 10 Southeast Asia Multiple Choice Introduction The most populated Southeast Asian nation is
C. Southeast Asia contains some of the world’s largest remaining stands of tropical forests
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The New \"Catfish\"The New "Catfish"
Vietnam War: Agent Orange. In addition, the us farmers contend that the Vietnamese state subsidizes its farmers, thereby lowering the prices of catfish enabling “dumping” in the us market and decreasing profits for thousands of Mississippi
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Political changePolitical change
Colonialism affected Southeast Asia profoundly. Some of the changes were negative and others positive in nature
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Cambodia, 1986 although the land occupied by CambodiaCambodia, 1986 although the land occupied by Cambodia
Chinese chronicles of the early Christian era. In the fewer than 2,000 years of its imperfectly documented existence, the Cambodian state has evolved along the lines of ascension, dominance, and retrogression inherent in all civilizations
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Racial discrimination in the Cambodian GenocideRacial discrimination in the Cambodian Genocide
The author is grateful for the comments and suggestions of Professor Ben Kiernan of Yale University, in addition to generous funding provided in 2005 by the Mellon Undergraduate Research Grant
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Chapter twelveChapter twelve
Convinced of the rightness of their cause, the evils of communism, and the poorer nations' longing for guidance, the Kennedy and Johnson administrations waged Cold War heedless of the consequences or costs
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The nationalist movement in indo-chinaThe nationalist movement in indo-china
What did France do to increase cultivation in Vietnam? How did it affect the rice cultivation by 1931?
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