massive immigration

The African American Experience 1880-1920The African American Experience 1880-1920
As you read the following article, answer the questions. Following this activity, you will be responsible for discussion of these issues
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Newark public schools administratio nNewark public schools administratio n
Finally, we recognize that individuals learn, grow, and achieve differently; and it is therefore critical that as a district, we provide a diversity of programs based on student needs
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Grade Level: 7 Subject: The Great Migration 1915-1920Grade Level: 7 Subject: The Great Migration 1915-1920
Big Idea: (Targeted, enduring, and transferable ideas at the heart of the discipline.)
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The Rise of a Mass DemocracyThe Rise of a Mass Democracy
There were 4 main "Republican" candidates in the election of 1824: Andrew Jackson, John Quincy Adams, William Crawford, and Henry Clay
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