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Review of Asian StudiesReview of Asian Studies
America, but also the roles of women in countries around the world. Aside from my deep interest in Japan, after researching the roles of women in Japanese society, I have found that the roles of women, although they seem to be very
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Magda Ajtay-Horváth Lost and Found Identity in Alice Walker’s The Color PurpleMagda Ajtay-Horváth Lost and Found Identity in Alice Walker’s The Color Purple
Blacks are men”. As M. Dubey states, “Black women’s novel, in the 70’s do not simply oppose to contemporary nationalist discourse on black identity. They imagine black feminity as an absence
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Soviet Jewry as a Diaspora Nationality: the \Soviet Jewry as a Diaspora Nationality: the 'Black Years' Reconsidered
Arrest of Group of Saboteur Doctors' appeared on the front page of Pravda, accusing a number of mostly Jewish doctors of collaborating with Jewish organisations abroad to poison leading Kremlin officials
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Women-Warriors-art – 7/12/09Women-Warriors-art – 7/12/09
Note: See also the files: Women-Battle-art, f-fighters-msg, Fightng-Small-art, The-Joust-art, ws-bib, p-hygiene-msg, On-the-Road-art
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Burning BrightBurning Bright
I dream them shaking dirt off strange new forms / Gathered for the last harvest.” “Good Friday, 1995, Driving Westward” from Among the Believers (2000)
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Indian Wedding TraditionsIndian Wedding Traditions
India defines diversity. This diversity, seen in every realm of Indian life starting from food & clothing to customs & traditions, is reflected in Indian marriages as well. We are restricting to Hindu weddings in this article
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The Life and Roles of Elizabethan Era WomenThe Life and Roles of Elizabethan Era Women
From birth, Elizabethan era women were taught how to govern a household and perform domestic duties so that when they married, which was expected of them regardless of their class and ancestry, their husbands would be proud
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The Italian American ExperienceThe Italian American Experience
New York City, New Haven, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Providence, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Cleveland, Houston, Dallas
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Peasant Life in a Medieval VillagePeasant Life in a Medieval Village
We have a consistent food supply and overall excellent health care. All these things and others we take for granted, are products of the recent past. They were undreamed of in the Middle Ages and remained unknown for many centuries
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Cultural value and social justice: towards a collaborative agendaCultural value and social justice: towards a collaborative agenda
Report of a workshop held at the University of Warwick, on 15th July 2014 by Alice Borchi
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