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The Oxford Classical DictionaryThe Oxford Classical Dictionary
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Introduction to sociologyIntroduction to sociology
Individuals with disabilities who need to request accommodations should contact the Disability Services Coordinator, Student Center 214, (770) 961-3719
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Chapter 14—html5: Introduction to canvasChapter 14—html5: Introduction to canvas
A coordinate pair has both an x-coordinate (the horizontal coordinate) and a y-coordinate
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The Master Genealogist xThe Master Genealogist x
Tag Entry When running in Dutch, under some circumstances, clicking F4 to add a tag gave an error Index does not match the table. Delete the index file and re-create the index. 4204 cintlstring. Resourceinsert
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Rhombic tilings of polygons and classes of reduced words in coxeter groupsRhombic tilings of polygons and classes of reduced words in coxeter groups
Note: this paper is based on the author's PhD thesis at the University of Michigan, 1993. Special thanks go to his supervisor, John R. Stembridge
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To create and format quality tablesTo create and format quality tables
This handout includes Professor Andrew Reschovsky’s criteria for quality tables
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