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For immediate releaseFor immediate release
For years Ginsberg’s photographs languished among his papers. When he finally rediscovered them in the 1980s, he reprinted them, adding handwritten inscriptions
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Reconsidering John Dewey’s Relationship with Ancient PhilosophyReconsidering John Dewey’s Relationship with Ancient Philosophy
Betz, 1980. I proceed in this paper by articulating my understanding of the dimensions of this tension, utilizing, where appropriate, some of the insights of the above scholars – among a few others
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Entrapment and rejection: the case of the Exclusive BrethrenEntrapment and rejection: the case of the Exclusive Brethren
A paper presented at the annual meeting of the International Cultic Studies Association, Fort Lee, New Jersey, July 3, 2010
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Greek PhilosophyGreek Philosophy
Philosophy—study devoted to the examining basic concepts such as truth, existence, reality, and freedom
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Rationality, Science, MarketsRationality, Science, Markets
The course will also seek to stimulate thought on how the way we think about these categories shapes the way we think about the possibilities for reform in market societies
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Commission anti terrorism lawCommission anti terrorism law
Terrorist lists” and procedural human rights: the collision between un law, eu law, and Strasbourg law?
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Giampietrino, Boltraffio, and the Influence of LeonardoGiampietrino, Boltraffio, and the Influence of Leonardo
Giampietrino's ‘Christ carrying his Cross’ and his ‘Salome’, and Boltraffio's ‘Virgin and Child’ (note 2) – has allowed the opportunity to examine closely their materials and technique, and, by extension
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