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The sermon on the mountThe sermon on the mount
Christ as the Fulfiller of the promises made to Israel and the prophecies which related to their Messiah. This is why the word “fulfilled” occurs in Matthew fifteen times
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Agents of Mystery and the Mission of the PatriarchsAgents of Mystery and the Mission of the Patriarchs
The second character is so anonymous that most readers ignore his actions completely: Ha-ish asher al Beit Yosef, The Master of Yosef's House. 2 Their anonymity teachers us something complex but crucial in understanding the essence of
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Lecture Today Question for our in-class quizLecture Today Question for our in-class quiz
It is important to remember that no one contemporary expression of the Judaic Tradition can claim to be the ‘real’ Judaism. In the West, Reform
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Augustine’s “death”: books IX and X of the ConfessionsAugustine’s “death”: books IX and X of the Confessions
Having reached the time of the vacation in Cassiciacum, we have a new perspective on the pilgrimage of Augustine’s soul. So far, we could only observe Augustine either as the protagonist or the narrator of his life’s story
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From Primer to Primary Latin ProjectFrom Primer to Primary Latin Project
Latin teaching. The former group had eventually to direct their schemes of work towards Common Entrance in Year a further group was wishing to introduce the teaching of Latin into the junior age range and was therefore exploring available
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