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The Bus Boycott in MontgomeryThe Bus Boycott in Montgomery
I proclaim that this bachelor thesis is my individual work and that I used only the sources cited in the bibliography
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Chapter 18: Back to Hong Kong and the PhilippinesChapter 18: Back to Hong Kong and the Philippines
No. 5 D’Aguilar Street, No. 2 Rednaxola TerranceWhere Rizal opened a medical clinic in order to earn a living. Dr. Lorenzo P. Marqueza portuguese ophthalmologist in Hong Kong who referrals brought Rizal numerous clients
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Malthus and his criticsMalthus and his critics
As Samuel Whitbread had said in 1807, Malthus had achieved 'a revolution in the public mind'; but it was a contested triumph, and Senior found that Malthus himself disagreed with his formulation, as we shall see.
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Chapter 16: Absolutism and Constitutionalism in Western EuropeChapter 16: Absolutism and Constitutionalism in Western Europe
The power of government expanded in response to numerous crises during the years 1589 and 1715
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The West and the World Chapter 26The West and the World Chapter 26
Europe and be able to enumerate the emigrants’ destinations (especially those outside North America). Finally, know about the development of “whites only” immigration policies in North America and Australia
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The West and the World, 1815–1914The West and the World, 1815–1914
European nations’ rush to build political empires in Africa and Asia after 1875. Finally, they should be able to describe the general pattern of non-Western responses to Western expansion and to detail the Indian, Japanese
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The Islamic Revolution in IranThe Islamic Revolution in Iran
When we talk about Islamic Revolution, we define a transformation of Iranian’s state and society, led by Shiite fundamentalist religious forces
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The Future of War By Andrew Kostanecki IntroductionThe Future of War By Andrew Kostanecki Introduction
In 1898 my Great Grandfather, Jan de Bloch, who every visitor to the Bloch Foundation website knows, wrote his famous six-volume work on the future of war and became the inspiration for the First Peace Conference at the Hague and a nominee for the First Nobel
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