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Christopher Columbus: Hero or VillainChristopher Columbus: Hero or Villain
Christopher Columbus was a nasty villain I believe this because he stole the land that belonged to the Taino. Christopher Columbus also brought over many diseases to the New World. Columbus was once told to sail to Asia but he actually
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Reconstruction Standards Standard 5-1Reconstruction Standards Standard 5-1
Standard 5-1: The student will demonstrate an understanding of Reconstruction and its impact on the United States
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Sc history Need to Know Facts Standard 8-5Sc history Need to Know Facts Standard 8-5
Standard 8-5: The student will understand the impact of Reconstruction, industrialization, and Progressivism on society and politics in South Carolina in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries
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Semitic actions and initiation of wwii. But, did Adolf Hitler fail as a leader to Germany? Adolf Hitler was not a complete failure as a leader because he made significant contributions in rebuilding Germany which included expanding
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Life in New FranceLife in New France
The social system in New France was similar to the old feudal system where French lords (seigneurs) own the land and the habitants or peasant farmers, cultivated the land in exchange for rent and services
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