international military tribunal

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The judgment of the International Military Tribunal will now be read I shall not read the title and the formal parts
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Universal Jurisdiction in a Divided World: Conference Remarks Universal Jurisdiction in a Divided World: Conference Remarks 
The problem, then, is how to fashion a jurisdictional structure that circumvents obstruction by perpetrator regimes while still maintaining legitimate foundations for the exercise of judicial power
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Specific international criminal courts and tribunalsSpecific international criminal courts and tribunals
Annotated Cases of Leading International Criminal Tribunals
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The Nürnberg TrialThe Nürnberg Trial
Biddle, Francis. "The Nürnberg Trial." In Perspectives on the Nuremberg Trial, 200-12. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008
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Jonathan PetropoulosJonathan Petropoulos
John V. Croul Professor of European History, Claremont McKenna College, 2001-present
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