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V. Richardson, 269 Ill. 275, 109 N. E. 1033 (1914); see alsoV. Richardson, 269 Ill. 275, 109 N. E. 1033 (1914); see also
Blackstone the word “in absolute estate” and “fee simple seen to have been generally used interchangeably; in fact, he so uses them. See Book II, chap. 7, pp. 104-05 And further the words
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Esoteric human history IIEsoteric human history II
Atlantis but the problem remains unsolved and eternally fresh. There is hardly another nonreligious theme in the world literature that has attracted so much strong interest for so long and left such a last-ing literary effect.”
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Caswell mobley and his descendantsCaswell mobley and his descendants
Originally compiled in 1957 by Mrs. Lettie Mobley Bowling assisted by Mrs. Viola C. Floyd (both deceased). Later mobley generations owe a debt of gratitude to Mrs. Bowling for recording this family outline in the 1950's
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