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Don’t forget all power point lectures are on my webpage. Go through each of them again on your own. It will make a big diff., believe me!
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Colonial americaColonial america
Why were there significant regional distinctions in the development of the 13 colonies?
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Class: World HistoryClass: World History
How does the history of the Industrial Revolution help us to understand technological and economic change today?
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Topic: The Industrial Revolution Title: Child LaborTopic: The Industrial Revolution Title: Child Labor
Revolution. Students will look and create their own notes from a secondary resource document which describes in detail way in which children were exploited for almost half a century. It serves as a beginning
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Local and Global Effects of the Industrial RevolutionLocal and Global Effects of the Industrial Revolution
Asia’s large population and specialized skills allowed them to manufacture much of the world’s textiles
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Unit 5 Study GuideUnit 5 Study Guide
All test questions are derived from the key terms list and the questions on this study guide. Questions from past units will also be on this test
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Expansión hacia el OesteExpansión hacia el Oeste
Students learn about the political, economic, and geographic regional differences that led to conflict in the United States through map sketches, primary sources, problem-solving and points of view
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Everything you wanted to know about Crime and Punishment, but were too afraid to askEverything you wanted to know about Crime and Punishment, but were too afraid to ask
This document is designed to give you an overview of the wjec crime and Punishment topic. It will contain information which you need to know in your exam. It is not everything you should know! You will need to use this knowledge as a basic idea and expand
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