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Asian Indian Americans Final Exam for las 325, Spring 2003Asian Indian Americans Final Exam for las 325, Spring 2003
With Indians numbering 815,447, Pakistani 81,371, Bangladeshi 11,838, and Sri Lankans 19,970
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\"North America\" Blackwell Companion to World Christianity"North America" Blackwell Companion to World Christianity
These trends might not unify our topic, but they do help us discern major developments in Christian expression over the long time period from the beginning of Christian exploration and colonization to the present
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Existentialism is a humanismExistentialism is a humanism
My purpose here is to defend existentialism against some charges that have been brought against
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Review of Scrutinizing Feminist EpistemologyReview of Scrutinizing Feminist Epistemology
How Not to Criticize Feminist Epistemology: a Review of Scrutinizing Feminist Epistemology
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Philosophy, Culture, and the Future of TraditionPhilosophy, Culture, and the Future of Tradition
China. But the nature of the exchange was rather one-sided, and it is fair to say that, often, Christian philosophy aimed primarily at challenging and rejecting local traditions and, specifically, traditional morals and moral practices
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