immigration debate

English 1a summer 2010 ScheduleEnglish 1a summer 2010 Schedule
Assigned Readings: Readings should be completed by the days listed. Readings are listed by author’s last name and page numbers. Readings in California Dreams and Realities are listed as cdr
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11th Grade Immigration Inquiry11th Grade Immigration Inquiry
Raymond O. Evans, cartoon about immigration, “The Americanese Wall—as Congressman John Lawson] Burnett Would Build It,” Puck, March 25, 1916. Public domain
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Professor Scott Morgenstern T/th 11: 00am 12: 15PMProfessor Scott Morgenstern T/th 11: 00am 12: 15PM
Us-latin American relations. While this list does not come close to exhausting the possible contributions to Latin American democratic development, it is meant to offer a foundation for further study of the region
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